LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 1/23/15 – Maps & Bugs!

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Lifespark Arena Weekly Update 1/23/15

By Dominic

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new and improved LifeSpark Arena website. I’m Dominic Ricci, Marketing Director for LifeSpark and I’ll be jotting down some updates on our progress every week, here, on our site. This will include information on design, engineering, production, or anything else our team is thrilled to be working on.

Also keep an eye out for new content coming out in the future. You can expect this content here, our official Facebook channel, and our official Twitter account. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the coming months, and you will get a first hand look at both the team and details of the development process.


A lot of today was spent with Collin Helstien, our Production Lead, talking to the team about general ideas and goals for the coming months and semester He went over new planned heroes and bosses, what our resource allocation looks like and what we want to prioritize in making them. Some team pillars for the semester include a focus on Quality Assurance thanks to a lot of testing, clarity in map design and construction, and getting a better database in place for bug testing and more.



The map in any MOBA is a complicated space, and every MOBA map forces difficult design decisions. How to represent LifeSpark Arena’s combination of Spark Points and directional objectives is a huge challenge. Everyone from the team – engineers, artists, and designers – pitched in on map design at a huge round table event.

References were thrown from Starcraft to DOTA, with elements from all being taken out and carefully analyzed. Making them merge to form a great MOBA experience, especially on IOS, was the main objective. It took us hours to debate the proper way to keep clear lanes and directions for the player while also remaining true to LifeSpark’s initial plan. Eventually we came to a great conclusion, one we will be excited to share in future updates.


In any great game there are bound to be bugs. One of the things we really wanted to work out in the coming months was our process for identifying them with a solid QA process, relating that information to the engineers, and then tasking engineers correctly in getting them taken care of. One idea was replacing our generalized bug list with one central bug reporting email (managed by Lead Engineer Kaleb Williams) who would then categorize the bugs according to factors like severity to player experience, ease of accomplishment in fixing, as well as a myriad of other detailed engineering criteria.

That’s it for LifeSpark this week! Stay tuned for further updates rolling out every week, it has been a pleasure getting this information out to you guys! We are dedicated to getting you guys an amazing game.