LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 2/5/15 – A Saint Arrives

Alberto - Environment concept Art 3

Lifespark Arena Weekly Update 2/5/15

By Dominic Ricci

A new week, a new set of development on LifeSpark Arena! Hopefully you guys caught the interview with game director Yale Buckner on Sunday. He went over his inspiration in making the game, talked about design philosophies and touched on plans for iterating the game in the future. Check it out! Now, on to the game!

Advice From A Saint

One of the advisors for LifeSpark Arena, USC faculty member St. John Colón, came in and drilled into the design of the game, talking particles, map sizing, and ways to iterate on currently existing game mechanics. This turned into a lengthy brainstorming session involving designers and engineers about bringing new ideas into the fold. Some things that were thrown around include changing the size of objects in the map, giving Spark Points new abilities, and better telegraphing elements of fusion.


What You See

The artists and art lead have a menu wireframe locked down for a final design. The UI as a whole is going through an overarching improvement process, with the menu leading the forefront as a primary concern. Making the menu user friendly was a high priority for us, as was keeping a consistent design across the whole of LifeSpark Arena’s UI. Keep the feel, keep it usable, and make it fun for our players to navigate.


A Gorgeous Vista

The designers have been hard at work on the new map. With the navmesh being laid out for players and minions to move along, soon the props will begin to be placed as well in their appropriate locations. The scale of the map is changing quite a bit, with time to combat and distance to center of the map all being considered with fast-paced gameplay in mind. Each area of the map will have its distinct style, and that will help players tell where they are at any given time, just by viewing the area around them.

LifeSpark - Desert Frozen Ruins

 Chugging Along

Engineering has been keeping up work in a variety of areas. Lane creep behaviour is in progress, fog of war is almost finished, and gameplay effects for future characters have almost completely been put in.

A small issue in-engine came up – a feature that had been stomped a long time ago came back with a vengeance, blocking some progress and making it harder for the engineers to do their job. Luckily this has been isolated and fixed, and doesn’t present a problem any more!

That’s it for now! Stay in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages (links to the right) for more information on LifeSpark Arena!