LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 2/12/15 – The Secret To Games

Shaun - LifeSpark Landscape Concept 2

LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 2/12/15

By Dominic Ricci

Hey guys. I got into the office a little late today – USC had a visitor, and I got sidetracked by talking to the secret service. No biggie. On to the game!

The Biggest of Playtests

The day started with a playtest including faculty and team members. Everyone busted open LifeSpark Arena’s most recent build and fought for control of the LifeSpark. Great ideas were thrown around, bugs were railed against, and a lot of productive feedback came out of the session. Aligning all parts of the experience is still a high priority, and our producer was sure to match the backlog of tasks with the concerns. It was incredibly helpful for moving forward during the next few months!

IMG_1104 (1)

Mastery of Painting

Not Davincis, but our artists have been cranking away in various areas. A wire frame and other assets for the map are in place and they are being worked on diligently to be put into a build. One of our artists is wrestling with the delicate art of UV Unwrapping for a character. Once that is done, the character will be well on her way to being introduced into the game!

Sydney - Trees Yo!

The Particulars and Specifications

The engineers continue to work hard at a myriad of features and bugs that, regrettably, aren’t too interesting to talk about. They control how fast something falls to the ground, how swiftly a character responds when you tap the screen. This week they are making sure the fog of war functions properly, that a certain new character’s moves can be executed, and that it is easy for the player to understand certain functions. Glamorous? No, but hard and important work nonetheless.

We Prefer Beer, or…

Martini Time Productions is moving along, with the legal work progressing in a predictably slow manner. LifeSpark Arena is in it for the long haul, and MTP will be the platform pushing it forward all the way through. Articles of organization are being filed and the specifics of how the production company will be run is in the burner.

That’s it for now! Stay in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages (links to the right) for more information on LifeSpark Arena!