The Making of LifeSpark – Artist Sydney Tuss



Artist on LifeSpark Arena – Sydney Tuss

The making of LifeSpark is meant to highlight the team working hard to make this game every day, and get to know about their back story, development practices, interests, and hobbies.

Hey Sydney! So what do you do here on LifeSpark Arena?

Well I am a 2D and 3D Artist. I work on characters, I’ve worked on 2D assets, and I’ve also modeled a few things.

So you have a wide array of talents, what would your favorite area to work in be?

I really like concept art. I like designing characters and I like putting personality into characters that could just be eye candy, just be something to look at. I really like bringing life to things like that.

What are some games or pieces of art that serve as inspirations for that?

That’s a really hard question! Games… League of Legends designs all of their characters with detail and they really put a lot of love into them. Most of my art is inspired by Japanese Collectible Card Games, (JCCGs) particularly Cardfight!! Vanguard because their art is so outlandish and outrageous and colorful. I try to reflect that in my art by making it the same.

What about LifeSpark Arena initially drew you to the project?

The chance to be on a character-centric team and game, of course MOBAs are very character-centric really was a draw for me. Winning, too, the ability to win with all of these different characters is something you can really connect with, and something that makes you really want to play, at least in my experience.

You had a part in the design of the Deliah character, with Game Director Yale Buckner. How did you find adapting someone elses’ design and style compared to just making a piece of art yourself?

Obviously it is a lot more difficult. Especially when you want to make something completely your own, and someone else already has a concrete idea of what they want you to draw, sometimes it feels like fan art. I tried very hard to make these designs have my own touch, while maintaining the direction that Yale wanted to take with the character.

What is your favorite thing about making art for games, versus making art for other mediums?

Game art is useful. Game art is something you can connect with, it’s not something you just stare at on a wall or there you go your kitchen is bit brighter. No, it has a use, shape, and function and in a game you can really bring art to life. It becomes part of a world, whereas the art, sculptures, or whatever else in your house are just sitting there, not doing anything.

Awesome, well finally if you were to give the single piece of art or area for LifeSpark Arena that is your personal favorite, what would that be?

You’re asking me to pick from my kids! At this point, it is the character Delia. I really like Delia, I like how her design turned out. I tried to bring strength to her, and I feel that comes through. The process of creating concept art for her was hard, but it was fun. Edana would be my other favorite, another character in the game.

Thanks Sydney, great talking to you!

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– Dominic