LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 3/5/15 – GDC and Future Content

Alberto - Environment Concept Art

LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 3/5/15

By Dominic Ricci

Hey everyone! Crickets chirp as the video game development industry has convened in San Francisco throughout the week for the Game Developer’s Conference. Not everyone on the team went, but our dear Lead Designer Bryan Edelman did, as did many of our colleagues and professors. A lot of cool stuff, Source 2, etc. Notably, two USC games won awards this year, Close Your and Outer Wilds from IGF. Anyway, onto the update, short as it is.

Future Website Content

As you might have noticed, LifeSpark Arena will not be putting out weekly updates for the foreseeable future. We will, however, be rolling out entirely new brands of content in the coming few weeks, including continuing our Sunday interview series. Please stay tuned as we prepare more awesome content for you guys!

A Labor of Production

With a lot of the team tired out from midterms, gone for GDC, or otherwise occupied, you could say production has been a bit slower this week. Except, it hasn’t, because our Production Lead, Collin Helstien, would have to “stop working for the team” in order for that to happen. So everyone, no matter how tired, still has a task waiting for them next week, still has their marching orders on what to do, and LifeSpark is still on schedule because of Collin taking the painstaking time to keep everything moving no matter how tired, busy, or otherwise occupied he might be. If you want the beating heart of LifeSpark, then you have to look to a gigantic team of talented people. The mind, spread out among the leads but expanding across them, however, is most certainly Collin Helstien, who has kept everyone on track with consummate professionalism. The team is better for it now, and continues to be for the future.

There is some development info, I swear…

Last section notwithstanding, plenty is still getting done on all fronts as people chug away. Large strides have been made with complete UI redesigns and overhauls for the menus and in-game interface. These will be tested and ironed out to perfection, with the Game Director himself Yale Buckner handling many parts of the design and management. Coordination with the engineering and art teams is keeping this initiative on track alongside development of exciting new heros.

Oh, and bug smashing. A lot of bug smashing.

Well that’s all for this update! Once again, keep an eye out for new content on the horizon, and check out our team interviews in the meantime! Everyone on this team has a story to tell, and we want you to see who exactly is making the amazing games out there, starting here, at LifeSpark Arena.