Yale Buckner

Yale Buckner – Project Lead on LifeSpark Arena, Yale has an extensive business background that he takes into the Games industry. Combined with a sharp eye for art and excellent management expertise, he runs the development team and manages art, design, and engineering from a leadership role.


Sherveen Uduwana

Sherveen Uduwana – Art Lead on LifeSpark Arena, Sherveen is currently a student at the University of Southern California majoring in Interactive Media and Game Design. He prefer hands on environments where he can communicate with his peers and meet interesting people. He enjoys travel, and is hoping to eventually be able to run small, dedicated teams and work on independent titles with creative freedom .

Sydney Tuss – Artist on LifeSpark Arena, Sydney is a 2D and 3D artist. She loves designing concept art, particularly characters, and giving them a backstory and impression that lasts beyond just an image. She loves any games that put a lot of time into their characters, League of Legends being a notable example. A lot of Sydney’s inspiration comes from Japanese Collectible Card Games, games like Cardfight!! Vanguard, for their outrageous and colorful character designs.



Alberto Vangelista – Artist on LifeSpark Arena, Alberto is currently enrolled in the course of Design and Visual Communication at the Polytechnic of Turin, in Italy. He loves creating environments, giving a lot of attention to light, colors and mood. He takes inspiration from science-fiction movies and video games from artists like Ryan Church, Dan Luvisi, Andree Wallin and Marek Okon. You can find his website and portfolio at



Sora Prakash – Artist on LifeSpark Arena, is currently a student at the Laguna College of Art and Design, studying under the Game Art program there. Though mainly a character design artist, Sora has a passion for all types of design and aims to better himself in every way possible. He is an avid adventurer and enjoys exploring both the real world and the virtual world–often meeting interesting people, eating delicious food, and finding sources of inspiration along the way.



Brianna Weaver – Artist on LifeSpark Arena, Brianna is a 3D environment and prop artist. She is currently completing her MFA Thesis at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. As an avid gamer and an artist, she loves working collaboratively on new ideas and bringing concepts to life. Her portfolio is available at


Lifespark Samuel Youn

Samuel Youn – Artist on LifeSpark Arena, Samule is a 2D Concept Artist currently studying the Game Art major at Laguna College of Art and Design. His favorite games are League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Smash Brothers. Using his artistic skills, he loves creating fresh ideas and unique elements in games. His hobbies are playing the guitar, drawing on his Samsung Galaxy tablet, and owning people at Smash Bros. You can reach him at (469) 261-1443, email him at, or view his portfolios at or at




Anh Dang – 3D Artist on LifeSpark Arena, Anh is one of the 3D character artists on LifeSpark and is currently studying Game Art at Laguna College of Art and Design at the same time. A fan of MOBAs and Indie Games, a few of her favorite games are League of Legends and Rogue Legacy. Currently in a loving relationship with topology and textures, she strives to bring fun and creativity to her 3D art. Anh can be reached at, and her portfolio viewed at