Bryan Edelman

Bryan Edelman – Design Lead on LifeSpark Arena, Bryan is a new media designer, creating games and interactive experiences in the Los Angeles area. His approach to making successful projects is multi-directional, considering design, implementation, user experience, monetization, marketing, and visual expression at all stages of the creative process.

Boka Agboje – Designer on LifeSpark Arena, Boka is a sophomore Interactive Media student with a minor in Business, focusing on social media and marketing. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Borderlands and League of Legends are some of Boka’s favorite games to play. When it comes to design Boka’s interest lies in guiding the future of Esports. On LifeSpark Arena, Boka’s area of focus is lore and world building.


Alex Smith – Designer on LifeSpark Arena, Alex is sophomore Interactive Media & Games student at USC School of Cinematic Arts. He has an unhealthy appreciation for Ezekiel 25:17 (God’s first, then Tarantino’s), peanut butter & jelly, and USC athletics. He worked on Quality Assurance and Design for LifeSpark Arena and brought inspiration from games as disparate as Red Dead Redemption, Limbo, Journey, and Heroes of Order and Chaos into his work.




Arif Khan – Narrative Designer on LifeSpark Arena, Arif is a German-born British filmmaker and also designer on WbML’s Leviathan. He has been fascinated by films for as long as he can remember and has since turned his passion into his practice. He has been crafting short films for over eight years and is particularly interested in interactive media as a new mode of storytelling. Prior to studying Film Production at the University of Southern California, he earned his Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Cambridge.