Production & Audio

Collin Helstien






Collin Helstien – Production Lead on LifeSpark Arena, Collin is a Junior at the University of Southern California pursuing a BA in Interactive Media and a BS in Business Administration with a passion for game design.  He is the Treasurer for the Makers of Entertaining Games Association which helps bring games enthusiast professionals to campus, hosts game jams, panel discussions, video game “book clubs”, workshops, and much more!

When Collin is not working on gaming projects, he enjoys creating music, doing stand-up comedy, rock climbing, snowboarding, archery, Quidditch, wrestling, Jui-Jitsue, boxing, & skiing, acting, stand-up comedy, snorkeling, surfing, painting, animating and being generally patriotic.


Benjamin Young – Audio Lead on LifeSpark Arena, Ben works hard to craft multi-layered audio to enrich the game experience, bringing with him a unique perspective from USC’s Thornton School of Music and a past in film scoring.


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Dominic Ricci – Marketing Director for LifeSpark Arena, Dominic has worked in the industry as both a producer and designer, absorbing many skill sets and branching out as much as he can with his experience to be as competitive as possible. He feels video games are the premier medium for thoughts and expressions in the world, and he wants to help make those experiences as successful as possible.5